NEW Dell Active Stylus Pen for Latitude 11 5175/9, Venue 10 Pro 5050/5, Venue 8 Pro 5855. T7RX8

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NEW Dell Active Stylus Pen for Latitude 11 5175/9, Venue 10 Pro 5050/5, Venue 8 Pro 5855. T7RX8



Whether you are taking notes or sketching pictures, the stylus provides a natural and precise way to interact with your tablet.

Raise productivity with industry leading accuracy
The Dell Active Stylus is designed to work with select Dell tablets (see a complete list of compatible tablets below) for industry leading interaction, precision and productivity.
The pen has been pre-calibrated and is ready to perform naturally with your tablet right out of the box.

Draw precise lines with 1.8 mm tip
The Dell Active Stylus has a fine 1.8 mm tip so you can draw precise lines with clean edges.

Mimics a traditional pen
The stylus also has pressure sensing technology that can detect various pressure levels, mimicking a traditional pen by drawing a thicker or thinner line, depending on the amount of pressure applied.

Click, highlight or erase with ease
The stylus has two built-in side buttons that give you quick access to functions such as clicking, highlighting and erasing.

Palm rejection for natural, comfortable use
An internal transmitter lets your tablet know when the stylus is in use, preventing accidental actions if your palm or wrist rests on your tablet while you write.  This allows you to write on your tablet naturally, just as you would on a pad of paper.

Hover sensing for predictable landing spots
When the stylus is held near your tablet, the tablet automatically detects it.
Your tablet even predicts and shows landing points for the stylus tip, so you don’t accidentally write in the wrong spot.

Durable materials
The Dell Active Stylus is constructed of an aluminum shaft, a steel clip and a plastic tip

Compatible With: Latitude 11 5175 & 5179, Venue 10 Pro 5050 & 5055, Venue 8 Pro 5855

Dell P/N:  T7RX8

Includes: 1 x AAAA Battery, Rubber Fixing Loop, Quick Start Guide

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